Residential Gas Ducted Heating

Ducted gas heating is the perfect way to heat your entire house, while ensuring your family and friends are comfortable during Melbourne’s harsh winters.

Through a network of ductwork, it pulls the air inside your house, warms it up and then distributes it throughout the entire house, creating a soft, gentle warm environment.

Why choose this system?

  • Highly energy-efficient – The lowest energy rating is 3 and the highest is 6, hence its the most energy-efficient system benefiting the environment and your bank account.
  • Programmable thermostats – This allows you to pre-set the system to your desirable temperature before you wake up, or when you come home. Also, allows you to only warm up rooms within your house that you desire.
  • Add on cooling available – An option to have add on cooling installed is also available, which will provide cool air conditioning through the same network of vents, saving space and money.